Gingko Leaf Necklace

In this piece I wanted to take something from nature that is seemingly ordinary to the average person and elevate it to the status of fine jewelry. I created a necklace from copper and nickel silver and used Gingko leaves as my natural object. I gave them a simple but elegant prong setting, much like I would for a stone.

I wanted to push myself in creating this piece by making the leaves the only organic aspect of the necklace. I tend to lean towards sculptural jewelry with a good amount of texture so it was a nice challenge to try to make something different. 

The necklace is an interesting paradox between permanence with the long lasting metal components and the ephemeral with the fragility of the leaves themselves. It is also a bit of a paradox in the sense that Gingkos are symbols of longevity and endurance. As the owner wears the piece, the leaves may change color over time and break off until there is nothing left but the frames that held the leaves. This is representative of how the leaves would behave in the natural world.