About Me

My name is Gaia Lawing. I create jewelry that is nature inspired with a focus on organic form that highlights cut and raw crystals. 

The jewelry making processes I typically use result in one of a kind pieces that lean towards sculptural. I use a variety of techniques to make my work which results in varying jewelry styles that range from whimsical Earthy pieces to brightly colored modern pieces.  I am deeply inspired by nature, folklore, and ancient artifacts. I like to focus on organic form that highlights the beauty of the semi-precious stones that I commonly use in my work. I pair crystals that go together aesthetically and energetically in order to provide spiritual healing for the wearer.  Sustainability is important to me and I try to use scrap or recycled materials when possible and am constantly taking steps toward jewelry making processes that are gentler on the environment. 

I have a deep passion for natural dye. I am constantly fascinated by the rich deep colors that can be achieved by using plants. I hand carve lino blocks inspired by nature and magical natural lore to print over my naturally dyed fiber pieces. 

I have shown work in multiple craft shows, festivals, and in gallery and online settings. If you are interested in my CV, please email me. You can find my email in under Contact in the header.